João Pereira of Forcera Simplifies the Incomprehensible in Tech

Identifying challenges and building solutions

IPBN member company Forcera is a Software Development, Big Data, Analytics, and AI technology business partner that works across a multitude of sectors, providing end-to-end solutions that range from the cloud to the user interface. In other words, it’s a one-stop shop that creates software intended to drive innovation. Forcera begins by identifying the challenges and main goals and data around each subject and then proposes solutions to increase efficiency, reduce time-to-market and enhance the end-customer experience that will ultimately maximize profits and reduce unnecessary recurrent costs. The company has been squarely focused on problem-solving since its founding two years ago by Data Solutions Architect João Campos Pereira and has since grown to specialize in Facilities Management, IIoT Monitoring, Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Reporting, and Advanced Procurement, Stock Risk Analysis, and Labor Market Analytics to name a few. 

If that all sounds confusing and incomprehensible to you, you should know that you aren’t alone. João said, “We are very open and communicative with our clients so that they can understand what it is that we are working on. A lot of people think tech talk is basically Chinese, but we have overcome that and are able to put complicated things simply. For now, this is what sets us apart.”  

Forcera also differs from other firms in its tailored approach, as they believe that tech solutions should not be a one size fits all scenario. João explained, “when a company starts, it tries to create its own positioning in the market. We understand that each business is unique so that we can deliver the best, most impactful products that can radically change and accelerate a business through technology. With us, re-assessing a digital strategy happens at a natural pace.” 

The IPBN was curious to find out what it was like to found a company during the pandemic and to get Forcera’s founder’s take on the tech talent in Portugal at large. As a development operations specialist, João is no stranger to thinking on his feet, which is why the company has grown despite potential setbacks. He said “It was difficult to start a new project during the pandemic and it was certainly impactful for is due to 2020 not being a great year for investment. The engagement we carried out had to be adopted to a new reality. People used to make decisions by shaking hands and that all changed, but we still managed to expand our team during that phase despite it all.”

João doesn’t see any signs of slowing for the Portuguese tech, information, and communications sector. He is confident that it will continue to thrive in the coming years due to the highly skilled professionals in the country. “We have a modern, open perspective of the world on social and technological levels, and our level of English is excellent. Portuguese tech companies on an international scale seem to bring the most value based on what we can give, not to mention the cost per developer per day is competitive with Poland and Ukraine, for example, but our capacity is greater as we have 85% of our tech talent with degrees and high levels of education.

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