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Ivo Lemos

Ivo Lemos


Queluz de Baixo, Barcarena, Portugal
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Ivo Lemos

1. Describe your business in two paragraphs. 
AGREEN is an engineering consulting company acting in Project Management, Facilities Management and Consultancy, with a concept of “Full Cycle Building Management”.

2. What are your company's Unique Selling Points (USPs) in Portugal or in Ireland or in both markets if present in both?
AGREEN is unique in providing both Project Management services as well as Facilities management services. This means that AGREEN can provide services during all phases of the Building live cycle, this is why we consider ourselves as “Full Cycle Building Management”.

This conjugation allow us to include in the project management process, aspects that are relevant during the facilities management phase, that are often neglected.

Because we are very aware of the problems in facilities management and the efficiency of the equipment installed in the building, we can act during the design and construction phase to solve and prevent errors that become impossible to solve after construction.

This is also relevant to achieve sustainable developments, offering more sustainable building construction solutions and more efficient technical equipment.

3. What achievement/success story(ies) are you most proud of?
We the founders of AGREEN, are very proud to have successfully start a company during a deep economic crisis, which is able to offer a wide portfolio of Services

4. What are your business current challenges and in the 2/3 years to come?
Grow and diversify

5. What do you think makes Portugal and/or Ireland an attractive destination to conduct your business? 
We have a country with a set of relevant potentialities, and people with a high level of technical knowledge

6. What sectors do you think will thrive in Portugal and Ireland in the coming years and why?
Tourism, Health Care, Real Estate and some industry. I think this Pandemic could contribute to a rethinking of the national industry in some areas

7. What is the best business advice you have ever received?
Always put myself in the Client's shoes

8. How do you think the IPBN can help you achieve your objectives and what do you expect from your IPBN membership?
The collaboration between AGREEN and IPBN aims to support Irish companies interested in investing in the Portuguese market.

AGREEN's experience in Project Management and Facilities Management, and the technical Know How we have in the real estate market, can be an important help for investors who wish to come to Portugal, creating value for their projects

9. Favourite destinations in Portugal?
Geres, Costa Alentejana e Algarve

10. Favourite destinations in Ireland?
I visited Dublin and Cliff of Moher, and I’m looking forward to returning with more time