SpotLight on Helder Palhas

Helder Palhas

Helder Palhas

Portugal Country Manager – Aspire Technology

Taguspark – Parque de ciência e Tecnologia, Oeiras, Portugal
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Helder Palhas

Describe your business in two paragraphs.  

Aspire Technology delivers End-to-End mobile network Optimization services and software solutions.  Networks is in our DNA.  Our independent perspective and innovative use of technology results in generating significant savings and new revenue opportunities through major improvements in network performance and increasing quality of experience.  

What are your company's Unique Selling Points (USPs) in Portugal or in Ireland or in both markets if present in both?

The main business of Aspire is outside both Portugal and Ireland and Aspire is an High Competence Profile company that tailors the needs of the delivery to accommodate both OPEX and CAPEX optimization on the customers operations.

What achievement/success story(ies) are you most proud of? 

Establishing an independent expert lead company which delivers world class performance for our customers and partners. Our greatest achievement is growing from a single-customer company to a multi-solution multi-customer company with over 100% revenue and employee growth in 2017.

What are your business current challenges and in the 2/3 years to come? 

Our greatest business challenge is to expand our delivery and sales capability building upon the successes we’ve had to date, to win more customers and evolve our solutions to leverage new technologies. 

What do you think makes Portugal and/or Ireland an attractive destination to conduct your business? 

Ireland has a recent history of attracting tech companies making an excellent ecosystem thrive on this area. Portugal adds to this the excellent cost/competence available and the bridges to the country relations on language and cultural ties. 

What sectors do you think will thrive in Portugal and Ireland in the coming years and why? 

ICT related businesses are definitely one of the trends being observed. Tourism is booming, and Shared services are booming in Portugal. 

What is the best business advice you have ever received? 

If you cannot be fired for some of your decisions you are doing your job right.

How do you think the IPBN can help you achieve your objectives and what do you expect from your IPBN membership?

IPBN is well established in Portugal and has a great network of contacts in the area Aspire business. It also contributes with an Irish perspective of doing business in Portugal and anticipate cultural issues.

Favourite destinations in Portugal and why?

“Costa Vicentina” – the west coast south from Lisbon where one can still find the wild beaches and alone with nature.

Favourite destinations in Ireland and why? 

Dublin for sure is a must but the country side is amazing. 

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