Göran Engberg Wants You to Shape Your Vision

With all the recent changes to the business landscape, leaders are finding it more and more necessary to change along with it. But how do you take your wealth of experience in one scenario and apply it to something completely new? The answer, according to Göran Engberg, Managing Partner of IPBN member company Growise Lda is vision.

Göran offered timely advice to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on how to thrive in this new reality in his recent IPBN Master Class entitled “A World Transformed by Crisis” and now, he is excited to announce the opening of a new course entitled, “How to Create a Vibrant, Life-Changing Vision.” The business coach and mentor understands all too well how the business world has been transformed by digitalization, creating a paradigm shift in the way business has historically operated. In a 2021 interview with the IPBN, Göran said, “Work in the future is independent of time and space and now there’s no turning back. Globalization is here to stay, so now you have to go 100%.” So it’s no wonder that his Stepping Up: A Game Plan for Leading Your Business to the Next Level…and Thriving Once You’re There project, on which he has been working for 12 of the last 30 years with author Alan P. Brache, has gone to the next level itself.

His new vision-based course is set to launch on March 7 of 2022 and targets SMEs which, according to Göran comprise 85% or EU businesses. He said, “Being self-employed, for example, is a freer way to do business, but we want to help their companies grow and employ more people. Having more small, creative enterprises is our goal considering that larger companies are using AI and downsizing as much as they can.” Göran told the IPBN that the lack of visionaries is a reality, and there is room in the market to help SME leadership develop this skill set and apply it to their work.  

But how does one build vision and creativity, like those of the charismatic leaders Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Ingvar Kamprad, Dr. Martin Luther King, and many others. Goran says, "They have the visions within themselves and they are trying to communicate a preferred future to others and get them also to do the implementation. A visionary leader is always in the future and not really in the present, so they need a strong team around them to do all the activities needed to give life to the vision.

If your leadership is team-based, that team of key people must start the journey together to create a vision. A shared vision does not depend on a single person, as it should prevail even if some people resign. The organization will need to carry on the implementation.

Goran says, "Which one you select is irrelevant since both ways are working. Our course "How to create a Vibrant Life-Changing Vision" can be the first step for you to embark on your new journey." The key aspiration of the course, according to Göran, is building human-centric organizations under human-centric leaders, stepping away from bureaucratic models into the future. Are you ready?

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