Message from Aoife Healy, Chair of the IPBN Board of Directors

The Board of the IPBN are keen to ensure our members, many of whom run small businesses, do not feel isolated in the coming days, weeks and months. There is no question that this crisis caused by the COVID-19, even temporarily, is going to impact all of our businesses in some way and the need to have good quality information, a place to ask questions and to maintain connection to others, even if it is in virtual meetings, is more important than ever.

For that purpose, the IPBN Board of Directors has decided to introduce new online events where initially our board members will share useful information over the coming weeks on a range of topics including how to maintain your business and find new opportunities, manage your cashflow, rethink your strategy, update your knowledge of marketing and promotion, government supports and the legal obligations to employers & employees in these particular circumstances.

Other topics will be introduced to cover useful information on maintaining building health, employee health and areas we haven't even considered yet as guidelines and best practice emerge. Members will be able to share details of their products or services that can help also.

Details of these online events/webinars will be shared next week on LinkedIn and on our website. We urge our members to participate and continue to connect with each other and enhance their knowledge during these difficult times.

Message from Aoife Healy, Chair of the IPBN Board of Directors

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