Mental support in these challenging times

You will remember that Dr. Shane Farrelly, CEO & Medical Director at SomarMed participated to one of our webinars in June and went through "Recognising stress and strain in employees – a positive approach for managers". Shane gave us then a lot of great tools, insights and clear guidance on how to identify mental health concerns amongst your team and how to support them, particularly in the situation every business is in at the moment.

You will find here Shane full presentation and below extra documents Shane thought useful to share with the network at this period of time. US focused but good general advice

Supporting Mental Health of Employees Duringand Beyond COVID-19
Employee Mental Health & Well-being During & Beyond Covid-19
COVID-19 Mental Health Guide for Employers
Mental health and the coronavirus
8 Employers Supporting Employee Mental Health During COVID-19

For more info, Dr. Shane Farrelly contact details
+353 872 550 756