Launch in Lisbon - Next Edition - Oct 28 - 30

If anyone thought a pandemic could stop entrepreneurs from looking to Lisbon as their epicentre for entrepreneurship, it is clear that this is not true: the last edition of Launch In Lisbon, a Startup Lisboa programme for foreign entrepreneurs who want to settle in Portugal, was the most crowded ever and the next edition is just around the corner. Registrations end on October 20th.

It will be the 2nd digital edition of the programme (the 10th since it started) and it will take place on the 28th, 29th and 30th of October. Participants will learn the essential steps to establish your business in Lisbon, in just three days and in a time-zone friendly schedule, giving you access to relevant partners and other entrepreneurs.

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At Startup Lisboa, they are open to the world - from digital to face-to-face, what matters is that we don’t stop preparing our future!