COSIBOT - Covid-19 Stay Informed A.I. ChatBot

COSIBOT - Covid-19 Stay Informed Bot

Supported and presented by IPBN member and Nest Collective partner João Fernandes, Managing Director, F#*cking Amazing marketing and communication agency.

COSIBOT (Covid-19 Stay Informed bot) is an artificial intelligence chatbot , with which you can establish a conversation by voice or written message. It is trained to answer (almost) all the questions about Coronavirus, to fight against fake news and to contribute to providing reliable information to the public audience. COSIBOT learns every day to provide more and more answers.

COSIBOT is a non-profit initiative developed by ROBO.AI, a Portuguese-German startup, and is currently available in 3 languages. You can use it on the Web, via Facebook Messenger, or even via SMS.