Writers' Bloc

Writers' Bloc

Writers' Bloc

Erika Borges, Ewan Mackenna and John Byrne, Founders & Directors

Writers’ Bloc is a new and innovative concept in freelance journalism.

Operating in more than 50 countries already, we simply, easily and quickly connect high-quality writers and their ideas, with editors and their needs, on a global scale. 

In this way, we open up opportunities and income streams for journalists; all the while saving publications time, hassle and money in bringing them and their readers the world via those who not just cover the news but live it. 

Due to a number of factors in the travel industry - including disruptions, restrictions and rising costs fuelled by high inflation - the print and media industry is now severely challenged both logistically and cost wise, in bringing tailored and varied content to its readers as the news unfolds.

Writers’ Bloc, through our global network of journalists and publications enables them both to work together in real time to improve the status of all stakeholders within the industry. 

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