Claudia Caramelo, Diretora Geral Operações

Claudia originally joined the IPBN as owner and manager of Centrichoice, an accounting firm with 14 years of existence in the market and a company dedicated to working in partnership with Small and Medium Enterprises.

In 2020, Claudia was asked to join Viseeon, a French company with presence in several countries, in which innovation is key. And since January 2021, Centrichoice (the company) is now representing the Viseeon brand in Portugal.

VISEEON Consulting aims TO IMPACT THE BUSINESS by making a difference and adding value to organizations, VALIDATING and GUARANTEEING in practice the USEFULNESS and EFFECTIVENESS of informed and timely decisions by knowing the numbers of their business, through a unique network of accountants / auditors, highly qualified for the exercise of their functions and for the development of the business.

Viseeon is currently developing tools to help entrepreneurs, such as ViseeonCash (cashflow map) and ViseeonPlan (Business Plan), available on their website. Claudia said: " It is gratifying for us to be able to contribute to the growth of the companies that want it".

Due to the global pandemic, and all the changes that companies have been subject to, Viseeon has been attentive to the needs of entrepreneurs.This includes requests for incentives and timely accounting information for funding requests.

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