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Vilamoura World

Vilamoura World

Scott Bennett, Director of Marketing

Vilamoura World is the Master Developer of Vilamoura and located in the Algarve region of Portugal.

We are dedicated to designing, building and marketing quality properties, intended as either primary residences, secondary homes or buy-to-let investments.

Our team is made up of multilingual specialists who will be able to guide you through every step of your real estate project.

In close collaboration with the authorities, Vilamoura World actively participates in the long-term development of Vilamoura while ensuring that natural areas are preserved, contributing to both economic and touristic growth.

Vilamoura was born from one man’s vision: Cupertino de Miranda, a Portuguese banker who, in the early 1960s, acquired 17,000 hectares of farmland by the sea, on which he would build a world-renowned tourist complex.

Here are some key dates in the development of the town of Vilamoura:

1966: construction work begins.

1969: the first golf course is opened.

1974: inauguration of Vilamoura Marina.

1980s: interest grows with new hotel and real estate groups operating in the area.

1990s and 2000s: Vilamoura becomes a high-end, internationally renowned tourist destination. The Casino is opened.

2019 and beyond: Vilamoura continues to develop with major real estate and commercial projects while respecting its natural heritage.

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