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Student Programmes Ireland

Student Programmes Ireland

Bernie Carroll, Managing Director

Student Programmes Ireland Ltd is an award-winning company based in Charleville, Cork, Ireland.


Student Programmes Ireland Ltd was set up in 2009 to cater for the increased demand of foreign students coming to Ireland to learn English. The directors of Student Programmes Ireland Ltd. have many years of experience in the successful placement of students on educational programmes in Ireland. Previously this company was known as Ballyhoura Country Holidays. We have been placing students in secondary school programmes for many years and have built up a good relationship with schools and host families all over Ireland.

Quality Education

Our aim is to support English language learning across Europe and to provide students with an opportunity to improve their English language learning skills and also provide them with an education in Irish culture by integrating them with an Irish host family while participating in our programmes.

We currently have over 550 active host families and we work with over 70 secondary schools and primary Schools all over Ireland. All our host families are carefully inspected by the local coordinators before being approved by us for hosting as well as all are Police Checked.

Educational Programmes

Our educational programmes are tailor made to suit the needs of the individual or groups and can be as long or short as in required. Secondary school programmes can be for a full school year, one term, two terms or other on request. Primary schools are generally for 5 week or 10 weeks stays but now we are getting more and more primary students for full year programs, Mini Stays are anything from 2 to 7 days. This is a fantastic experience for any student no matter where they are in Europe. They will have a chance to improve their English, experience another culture and create memories for a lifetime.

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