Eduardo Pereira, Co-Founder

“Because life is made of Emotions, let us take care of Your valued Customer’s, logistic, support and distress assistance during their stay in Portugal”

At SixEmotions we carry out activities through different areas of interest, from Guimarães Portugal “berth town”, to the Port wine discovery, Fado’s history in Lisbon, or from Nazaré’s super waves to so many other excitements, we gather the best service providers for you, also with a value added “Promoter Code”:

* Transfers;

* Attractions;

* Culture;

* Food & Beverage;

* Wellness;

* Events;

* Integrated Online Support.

Our main focus is to provide the necessary means, for your Customer’s joy, comfort and exciting activities, always with our backup support while staying in Portugal, to the point of always wanting to return.


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