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Shebang Events & PR Management

Shebang Events & PR Management

Carolyn McKeown, Event Director

Shebang Events & PR Management is a freelance agency specialising in tailor-made business solutions. Clients rely on our combination of international business expertise, creativity, experience and reliability to provide ongoing support for their PR activities and event management needs.

By combining exceptional management and business knowledge with today's innovative technologies, we are proud to produce highly individual work that completely fits your requirements and provides a platform for growth. The success of creative work can be measured by the way it increases the trading results of a company. In a complex, highly competitive economic environment, a company's strength is its brand and the brand is the company's real capital.

Shebang Events & PR Management has implemented a stringent method based on 3 essential principles:

Prior analysis: its relevance and the market knowledge gained serve as the basis on which Shebang develops its ideas.
Strategy: coherent and methodical, it enables Shebang to put together its recommendations.
Creativity: by the attractiveness and effectiveness of the various means of communication Shebang makes your business and offering stand out from the rest.

The implementation of this method rests essentially on a continuing dialogue between the client and Shebang.

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