Silvia Correia, Founder & CEO
Website is a Portuguese brand of textile accessories, which combines social innovation with environmental innovation and pedagogy actions to change current consumption habits.

We are a recent brand, but in 2,5 years we have already managed to pay €52,372.65 to our social partners and upcycle 5.3 tons of fabric and textile accessories.

With our action we promote social inclusion and recognition because all our products are made by unique people in their difference (social institutions, refugees, social associations, active aging and others), duly paid for this work. We also contribute to the reduction of the the textile industry ecological footprint because all our products are made with textile waste, leftovers, samples and accessories which we upcycle.

In order to increase our positive impact on People and the Planet, we need your help to achieve our purpose as a brand: to transform many small worlds, one at a time, every day!

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