Dense Air

Dense Air

Dense Air

Tony Boyle, General Manager

Dense Air complement and enhance the services provided by mobile network providers and Internet Service Providers. Focusing on the delivery of a managed wholesale small cell service. Specialising in building 5G wireless small cell solutions for both ‘network enhancement’ and ‘network extension’.

Dense Air offer neutral-host infrastructure that can be used by multiple mobile network providers simultaneously, simplifying the small cell installation process.The service uses our own dedicated licensed spectrum to provide a wholesale service, transforming connectivity and enhancing people digital lives.

Dense Air focus on four key attributes:

Identify: Identification of network blackspot areas using Big Data.

Plan: Using a suite of both indoor and outdoor small cells requiring either wireless or fixed backhaul, which can be deployed in the field in a matter of minutes.

Deploy: Working with various stakeholder to understand and define processes and procedures to access various types of street assets and enterprise locations.

Manage: Providing in depth analysis and ongoing management of the deployment

IPBN Executive Partner