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All Finance Matters

All Finance Matters

Ricardo Chaves, Tax Adviser

At All Finance Matters, we aim to provide high-quality, professional, and friendly accounting services to our clients, making sure they can relax while we take care of all their tax obligations in Portugal.

Our team of experienced Financial Advisors and Chartered Accountants is experienced in working with international clients and has a flair for finding the best solutions in accountancy, taxation, fiscal representation, social security, insurance, and mortgages.

We work with our clients and not simply for them, because your success is our business.

 Our success is built on the following principles:

  • Confidentiality

This is one of the fundamental principles of AFM. In summary, tax advisers have a professional duty to keep their clients’ affairs confidential and cannot disclose their details unless they are legally obliged to do so.

  • Integrity

It is stated that the principle of integrity is honesty in all relationships, whether with customers, tax authorities or any other interested parties. Integrity demands that nothing be done, knowingly or carelessly, that could be misled by commission or omission.

  • Objectivity

Objectivity is one of the fundamental principles of our company. A quality of behaviour that results in judgements based on well-defined professional criteria, made without influence, conflicts of interest or prejudice.

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