The Weekly Roundup October 3 - 7

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This week on the Roundup: investment news, funding opportunities, simulation training, guest speakers, inaugurations, teambuilding challenges, engaging seminars, wildlife recovery, residual discharge parameters, new mini-series, resiliency, executive breakfasts, energy transition, testimonials, and more!

But first, some special news from IPBN member Yunit Consulting and for every member who is looking for investment:

"It is with great satisfaction that Yunit Consulting is announcing that the PT2030: questions with answers, a Yunit/TSF partnership will premiere on October 6th, at 5:45 pm. Under the motto 'Everything you need to know about PT2030, explained in an uncomplicated way and in a few minutes, to boost your investment projects' we will, weekly, clarify what seems complicated in the Portugal 2030 incentives so that companies can invest with confidence and knowledge."

Every Thursday, a new episode comes out that can be heard on the radio and TSF website or subscribed to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

Also, here's some news from our partners in Ireland:

Enterprise Ireland launched a new stream of funding of up to €100,000 per business under the new ‘Pre-Seed Start Fund’ to support the specific early-stage funding needs of new start-up companies. The focus of this new funding support is designed specifically with high-growth early-stage start-up companies and entrepreneurs in the manufacturing and internationally traded services sectors in mind. 

Furthermore, TechIreland announced that a Dublin-based VRAI has raised €3.4m in funding to bring its virtual reality simulation training technology to the offshore wind industry. With this funding, VRAI hopes to help “democratize simulation training” in the offshore wind space and accelerate the growth of the workforce to meet the increased need for renewable energy in Europe.

And now...

IPBN member Laura McMahon at Lawler Consulting was a guest speaker at the Mitsubishi Electric Ireland first Women in HVAC event. The event brought together women with diverse backgrounds from across all parts of the industry and country. She posted, "It was empowering to see such great support, energy, and drive to get behind women and help them succeed within the HVAC industry."

IPBN member Grupo Ageas Seguros Portugal said that this week, they officially inaugurated the new ICON Douro building, located in Porto. Steven Braekeveldt, CEO of Grupo Ageas Portugal, Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto and Artur Varum, CEO of Civilria attended the opening ceremony of the project, which represented an investment of 30 million euros.

IPBN member and Chair of the IPBN Algarve Sharon Farrell at Blevins Franks said that the company is holding a seminar that will focus on local and cross-border wealth management solutions. "Whether you already live in Portugal, or are planning to move there/here, our presentation will provide you with information that will help you overcome financial challenges and allow you to legitimately minimise your tax liabilities to protect and grow your wealth. The Vilamoura event will take place on Wednesday 12 October."

IPBN member RedLight uses a hybrid work format, which is why it is essential for our culture to have team-building moments throughout the year. At the end of the summer, they got together in Pelariga for a week of fun, relaxation (and work). Besides the pool dives and several rounds of sueca played, they also discovered who was the fastest driver on our team.

IPBN member Quinta do Lago invited us to join them this Friday at 5 pm for a wonderful moment as our friends at RIAS - Centro de Recuperação e Investigação de Animais Selvagens, Olhão Wildlife Research and Recovery Centre release rescued wildlife back into nature in Quinta do Lago.

IPBN member Sthefanus Ribeiro at Aluline Portugal would like to ask you two questions: When we remember the environment, does your business today act in a sustainable way? Does your commercial establishment meet the residual discharge parameters stipulated in your municipality? They are 100% available to talk a little about your drainage system and also about the money you may be spending badly on it!

IPBN member Upwords posted the first instalment of their mini-series “The Seven Beliefs About Translation!” Watch today’s video and get to know more about Belief Nº1: “Translation is done by software and is instantaneous”.

IPBN member Konceptness was present at the APPII - Portuguese Association of Real Estate Developers and Investors executive breakfast last Wednesday, topics such as energy transition, economic results associated with sustainability, and the exploration of solar energy were a few subjects up for debate.

IPBN member Mike Rumble at Algarve Solar Pool Heating Solutions posted some aerial drone shots of recent solar pool heating systems installed in the Algarve, Portugal. With more than 300 days of sunshine & around 3 200 hours of sunlight per year, the Algarve is ideal for solar pool heating.

IPBN member Allan Boyle said that he is looking forward to chatting with Bill Gallagher about operational readiness and scaling well.

IPBN member PwC Portugal invited you to watch PwC's Joao Ramos Partner address the CNN Summit - The energy transition and importance of ESG in enterprises. This is a partnership between PwC and CNN Portugal that addressed the concept of ESG and its relevance to businesses.

IPBN member Goran Engberg posted some advice on how to stay resilient in turbulent times. He said, "Resilience is a key success factor today. Learn more here on this link!

IPBN member Soraia Santos from JLL Algarve welcomed all to contact her for more information on an incredible Golden Visa opportunity!

IPBN member Aspira wondered: "Why Aspira? Ask our customers."

IPBN member Joana Gloria from Lagos Digital Nomads said, "October is here, new people are arriving every day in town, and we’re all excited to connect everyone in our community events! Check out our events calendar here."

IPBN member Aspire Technology asked, "Have you checked the new white paper on Open RAN security from NEC Open Networks? It explores how the open RAN ecosystem can help operators gain increased security control over their networks in addition to benefitting from greater flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness."

IPBN member Millimetre Design is thrilled to announce that they have been shortlisted for an incredible SIX awards at this year's Fit Out Awards, including the coveted title of Fit Out Design Practice of the Year (a title they have won the past two years and vying for again this year).

IPBN member Strongstep asks if you have seen their blog? Not yet? From now on they have available opinion articles from Strongstep consultants with topics relevant to your business! They posted, "Business continuity is an organization's ability to maintain its activity during and after a disaster occurs, recovering with the least impact and downtime possible."

IPBN member Aidan O’Shea from Otonomee said that the company held their first Otonomee meet-up with their growing Portuguese team in Lisbon last week. We are remote-first but we value meeting F2F. From the discussion, we identified some key behaviors that we want to reinforce and build on and hope this can be useful for other companies embarking on a journey to remote.

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