The Weekly Roundup: November 6 - 10

News from the Network

This week on the roundup: new podcasts, networking events, Web Summit news, startups, meetings, the economy, conferences, invitations, strategies, interviews, newsletters, celebrations, awards, milestones, wellbeing, memberships, free editions, modernizing workflows, and more!

But first...

From the IPBN Ocean Conference at the Porto Business School on Oct 25th, we published and shared three new Podcasts on Spotify: The audio recordings of all three panels, which you can listen to here. Furthermore, our media partner in Portugal, Essential Business, published an article about the second panel discussion on “Harnessing offshore wind energy — exploring partnerships between Portugal and Ireland”. You can read it here.

Also, as part of the Web Summit, we have invitations for our members to attend the exclusive networking event Connect LISBOA, on November 14th at Paços do Concelho - Lisboa City Hall from 6 pm. Lisboa’s Mayor Carlos Moedas will also be attending. You can connect with startups, corporates, investors, and institutions from Portugal and from abroad. The event is invite-only, and registration is mandatory. You can secure your place here.

And you can click here to find the list of Irish Startups that will be present at the Web Summit. For our members heading there, you might want to meet them!

To wit, check out this article from The Economist: What’s Weird about the Irish Economy? "In 2015 Irish GDP grew by an astounding 24.5%. It shot up by another 15% in 2021 when the average growth rate in the euro area was just 5.9%. Alas, no Celtic brew had supercharged the productivity of Irish workers."

Next, here's some news from our Executive Partners...

Our Executive Partner Ivan Goor, CEO of Ardanis, said, "First day of a few in a leafy autumnal London with Stefan Goor for a range of meetings with some of our UK connections and an event at the Irish Embassy later this evening."

On that note, we are very excited to hold our next networking event in Dublin on Nov 23 at Ardanis' new offices at the iconic offices in Dublin 8 – Check all the details here where you can register. We hope to see all our members based in Ireland there and our Portuguese members are of course very welcome to join us then as well!

IPBN member Michael O’Hara from Techies Go Green will also be at the event in Dublin presenting his business. And you may have seen the recent exciting news that Climb Global Solutions has acquired Techies Go Green co-founding company, DataSolutions Distribution. In an interview with IT Channel Oxygen, Michael talks about his future plans in the IT Channel, focusing more on the development of Techies Go Green. Having set up Techies Go Green in 2021, Michael said he plans to devote more time to the industry sustainability movement, which is designed to help tech-oriented companies decarbonize – after he leaves DataSolutions.

IPBN Executive Partner PwC Portugal's ESG Talks conference cycle returns on November 7th, with a morning entirely dedicated to "New forms of work organization, equality, and inclusion." The event featured the participation of Bethy Larsen, Partner of PwC, in a panel on "How to design a parity and inclusion strategy." The day's agenda also included a debate on topics such as the four-day workweek and diversity and inclusion in companies, among others.

IPBN Executive Partner Vellozo Ferreira Advogados strengthened the team with the integration of Dra Maria Angelina Lima as an Associate Lawyer. With a degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto and a specialization in Contract and Business Law from the University of Minho, she has complementary training in the areas of accounting, financial analysis, and compliance. She is also a certified trainer.

IPBN Executive partners Skanstec Engineering is proud to introduce the Skanstec Women's Forum. The forum was set up to provide a network across the business, discuss industry challenges, and ensure that Skanstec continues to be a welcoming environment and industry forerunner for diversity and inclusion.

Lastly, a few invitations...

IPBN member Sharon Farrell shared news on the Women Network Portugal! Join Sharon on 16th November from 9h30 to 13h followed by lunch at the Wild View Retreat, Rua Da Cortica, 8150-014 Corgas Brava for a Holistic Wellness Session with an exciting lineup of guest speakers. 

IPBN member KRA Renewables invited you to join them on November 14 for this enlightening online webinar designed to equip business owners, property managers, and all stakeholders in the Irish real estate market with the knowledge and tools to enhance energy efficiency in commercial spaces.

IPBN member The Sovereign Group invites you to a live webinar "Doing business in the United Arab Emirates", on Thursday, 23rd November.

And now...

IPBN member BRIDGE IN's team of experts in labor law, recruitment, and employment in Portugal answered questions, live, about recruitment strategy in Portugal, most in-demand profiles, employee benefits, employer and employee taxes, employment contracts, contractors vs employees and employee misclassification and labor law.

IPBN member Teresa Patricio & Associados shared that on 8th November 2023, they celebrated eighteen years of the firm’s existence. "We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our employees, partners, clients, and friends for all the support and trust they have given us over the years."

IPBN member Yunit Consulting shared a free edition of the Essential Guide to Optimizing Investment Production and R&D (in Portuguese).

IPBN member Nessa Sheehy and IPBN member aicep Portugal Global says Portugal is experiencing an entrepreneurial boom. A record-breaking 39,042 new companies were created by the end of September, marking a remarkable 5.6% increase compared to last year.

IPBN member Sam Marchetti posted that Impact Enterprise is the future of business. "With a focus on wellbeing, social value, sustainability, and ethics, Impact Enterprises are perfectly positioned for strategic growth within the Private and Public Sector."

IPBN member Career Training Internships is looking forward to connecting with new and existing partners at this year’s ICEF Berlin!

IPBN member ArcAirTech sent a big thank you to FaceTherapy NI, Charles Hurst Ferrari & Noel Donnelly for inviting them to attend their event. "We were given the privilege to present our offerings & highlight the growing importance of indoor air quality."

IPBN member Escala25 shared some great news! Banco BPI and Expresso sent their congratulations to the Escala25 project for making it into the top 5 of the National Tourism Awards 2023, in the category of Innovative Tourism! The award ceremony is scheduled for November 29th. Fingers crossed!

IPBN member Elaine Godley shared information on the Perfect Health HUB membership. "Learn how to reverse or avoid serious health challenges without ever having to travel for appointments. YOU are in charge - take your own samples at home and send directly to the laboratories."

IPBN member Jose Nunes is just getting on with the FREE COURSE RTK 101 - Mastering RTK For Drone Mapping from pilotbyte. Thanks, Dylan G. for the amazing value of this content!

IPBN member TireCheck asked, "Are you into depot-based fleet management like: Waste management, Public Transport, or Local distribution? Our solution: The static located RF to Cloud TPMS Gateway to receive tire information in real-time."

IPBN member Martínez-Echevarría & Ferreira Advogados shared the M-E&F Newsletter. "The State Budget Law Proposal for 2024 (“POE 2024”), which is under discussion in Parliament until November 29th, proposes the full termination of the Non-Habitual Resident (“RNH”) regime, as of 2024."

IPBN member Allan Boyle wants you to email like a boss. "Operational efficiency should extend to everything you do, including email. Keep it short and to the point."

IPBN member Overcast HQ says there are only 10 more days until The MarTech Summit in London, and Nic Manser, Head of Sales, Overcast HQ is excited to meet marketing professionals across industries. "We'd love to talk about how brands as diverse as Diageo, Yeti Coolers, The Royal Opera House, and NBC Universal turn to Overcast HQ for modernizing their video workflows."

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