The Weekly Roundup May 30 - June 3

Network News and More

This week on the Roundup: milestones, new information-packed blogs and articles, news updates, work-life balance, words of welcome, new hires, award-winning members, notes on leadership, growth, sustainable efforts, and more!

This week in Job news, IPBN member John McCoy from PropHome is hiring!

We highly recommend checking out the IPBN JOB BOARD with new and exciting opportunities posted daily from within our network. 

And now...

IPBN partner University of Algarve (UAlg) is celebrating 10 years of UAlg excellence!

IPBN member Craftable Software shared that Bruno's first article is out! Have you ever faced a situation where you needed to decide between two technologies and did not have the experience or skills to define that?

IPBN member Yunit Consulting posted about last-minute Portugal 2030 news. The Aid Applications for Productive Innovation and R&D Projects have already opened

We were delighted to partner with Yunit Consulting yesterday morning in Lisbon presenting to IPBN members the Grant and Investment opportunities in Portugal. See all the details here.

IPBN member Pedro Castro Henriques at StrongStep is Proud to have Russell Moore from Aspira (IPBN member) taking the stage on June 9th and presenting the audience with the theme Work- Life Balance and Remote Workforce. They said, "Thank you Ireland Portugal Business Network!"

IPBN member Zetes posted about their fully automated inventory control in real-time with greater than 99.8% accuracy. Zetes unique camera-based solution enables the quick and accurate counting of stock in the warehouse, minimizing the time spent counting from days to just hours.

IPBN member Lawler Consulting says that the Lawler Group is delighted to welcome some new faces to the team this month. We have new employees joining us in Finance, Design, Marketing, and more. Welcome to the team, everyone!

IPBN member C-More| Beyond The Obvious welcomed Amanda Batista as their new beyond the obvious team member!

IPBN member Bridge In posted about Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in a Remote World. Winning the war for top talent is a challenge even for the savviest CEOs, especially when competing with stellar budgets from big techs.

IPBN member Quinta do Lago is excited to share that Quinta do Lago has been selected as a winner in Golf Digest's Editors‘ Choice 2022 in the winning categories: Winning Product and Best in Resorts - International.

IPBN member Upwords Translation now has an e-learning team that provides a full suite of localization solutions in over 120 languages! They specialize in translation, voiceover, and multimedia services.

IPBN member Brian Shanahan posted his June Newsletter. Are we really going green or just trying to reduce cost? Also in this issue: Time to Increase Inventory? Invoice Automation - Opportunity Knocks. Bundling - An old term that is still relevant. Sanctions - What works? Country Profile: Rwanda. Covenant Breaches - What can be done?

IPBN member Sharon Dehmel says that getting remote/hybrid right takes an intentional leadership approach. Giving people the opportunity to share successes and lessons learned opens channels of communication and builds trust.

IPBN partner Nova School of Business & Economics is preparing an unprecedented sustainability event and will welcome several national and internationally renowned speakers for the Nova SBE Sustainability Journey – a unique collection of conferences, masterclasses, debates, and networking moments.

IPBN partner Start Up Lisboa says that last weekend, the Hub Criativo do Beato received HACKATHOME, a marathon promoted by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa in collaboration with Startup Lisboa that awarded the most innovative and efficient technological solutions to find future residents to the 48,000 empty homes in the municipality.

IPBN member Core Optimisation's team took some time to reflect and recharge on Tuesday with a Mental Health Morning. We listened to volunteers from Limerick Suicide Watch and Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention which really reinforced the great work that these charities do and how important their services are.

IPBN member Salmon Software posted that it has grown incrementally over the years, keeping abreast of technological developments and offering high-quality treasury management services to its customers.

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