The Weekly Roundup June 13 - 17

Network News

This week on the Roundup: top rankings, open-air concert series, community champions, team building, creativity and trust, global emissions, sustainable investments, confidence as a mindset, democratizing workflows, citizenship options, townhouse rentals, and more!

But first, some news:

IPBN content manager Ellis Dixon has recently launched an exciting GoParity campaign looking for investment in the expansion of her forthcoming climbing wall project entitled Escala25, which will officially open on June 25 under the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge at the Pilar 7 Experience! At the grand opening event, President Marcelo de Sousa is expected to join the ribbon-cutting ceremony as the team at Escala25 welcomes prestigious guests from partners Infraestruturas de Portugal, Lismarketing, Turismo de Lisboa, and more. Exciting times are ahead! If your company is interested in booking teambuilding activities, get in touch!

With many countries like Portugal offering specific visas to the digital nomads, it’s abundantly clear that remote workers can be a boom to any economy, Professor Raj Choudhury writes in Harvard Business Review.

From IPBN partner Nova SBE posted that The Financial Times Places Nova SBE in the "Elite Group" of Schools With the Best Master's In Finance in the World. From Danial Traça, Dean of the Nova SBE: “Our commitment to grow, internationalize and transform for the skills of the future is generating results. It is also important to highlight the extraordinary feat of having 5 Portuguese schools in such a prestigious ranking. It is excellent for our country”.

And we remind all that the IPBN is keen to develop bridges between the Academic and Business worlds. This is an important part of our mission.

Summer in Vale do Lobo wouldn’t be the same without our sensational open-air concert series. And this year promises to exceed all expectations as we present our concerts in the stunning setting of the new Vale Real experience area overlooking one of our iconic golf lakes. And this is exactly where the IPBN will have our next event in the Algarve where Magdalena Osmola, Marketing director of Vale do Lobo, will tell us about all the fitness, sport, themed outdoor concerts, and other activities the resort is planning during the summer. You can join us by registering here.

And to IPBN member Bernadette Clancy, we offer our congratulations on behalf of the IPBN Board of Directors as she has been included in the Irish Echo Seventh Annual Irish Community Champions Awards 2022! Bernadette said, "To be recognised as a 2022 Community Champion Honoree for our work at Crafters of Ireland, it couldn’t come at a better time and has put a spring in my step."

And now...

IPBN member FAmazing posted that as a totally remote agency, it's moments like these that help them strengthen bonds of friendship and work. FAmazing's Team Building 2022 took place in Miranda do Corvo and, between games, food, drink (just some go), the animation was golden key!

IPBN member AGREEN shared an update on a new project: Fiscalização Coordenação Infrastructure Reabilitação Construction.

IPBN member Upwords said that this week’s project is about creativity and trust. A new and different hotel chain in Portugal, decided to improve its linguistic content to match the quality, luxury, and uniqueness of each hotel.

IPBN member Ageas Portugal explained the rise of sustainable investments. Listen to the podcast here.

IPBN member Quinta do Lago celebrated 50 years of legacy! From a remote farmstead to one of Europe’s most exclusive destinations, Quinta do Lago has a fascinating tale to tell.

IPBN member Carlos Justino posted 5 TOP Trends in Cybersecurity and how they will affect your company.

IPBN member Monsoon Consulting says B2B eCommerce is growing and growing, and they have helped pivot many B2B companies to online commerce.

IPBN member AMCS Group posted that food production and farming account for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. It is also responsible for 75% of bio-diversity loss and is a major use of resources such as water, energy and arable land.

IPBN member Global Shares wonders if you are concerned about inflation? As the numbers continue to rise, so do the salary increase demands. If you're struggling to find a way to meet your employees' needs, consider equity compensation.

IPBN member VMotion IT Solutions says that you don’t want to monopolize the conversation. In this piece, HBR offers practical tips for sharing the floor to get your message across more effectively.

IPBN member Core Optimisation was delighted to see the recent announcement that TikTok is to create 1,000 jobs for Ireland! Core's social Team is working with a growing number of clients on TikTok campaigns, so contact us to learn more about this rapidly growing platform at

IPBN member Carole Smith says that for those of you who feel they don’t project enough confidence, the good news is, the confidence mindset is a skill you can learn. If you need help with that get in touch, or at +353 85 778 5615 (WhatsApp)

IPBN member Serenity Portugal posted that June 23 at 6pm there will be a FREE WEBINAR FOR PEOPLE MOVING TO PORTUGAL focusing on how the Portugal Public Healthcare System Works

IPBN member Philippe Brodeur says video technology is powering the evolution of the creator economy by democratizing workflows. Check it out here.

And you can enjoy Philippe's webinar with the IPBN earlier this week here.

IPBN member Rebecca Nixon wants you to head over to the blog area of Vendici's website to find the latest information and guidelines on Travelling into Portugal with ease.

IPBN member Nuno Pinto from Vitae professionals announced that his new academy in Porto is a great new step in the growth of our training department!

IPBN partner aicep Portugal Global|Ireland wants you to discover more about the events that AICEP in Ireland was involved in last week.

IPBN member Growise wants you to learn the 7 forces for Business Mastery.

IPBN member Dee Hutchinson said that recently, she took some time to step back and reassess what her brand means and how it should be represented. And she came to some exciting conclusions.

IPBN partner Renata Leal of the APR, Portuguese Association of Residential Tourism & Resorts shared that there has been a lot of interest from the US market. Renata will be at an in-person event in New York (also available by Zoom) to talk about the Portuguese Residency by Investment program (Golden Visa), second residency, and European citizenship options.

IPBN member Michael Naylor says that when you back a start-up it is always so very good to see images like this. Upwards and onwards - the future is electric the future is Sun.

IPBN member Stephanus Ribeiro bought the second car just this year with a focus on improvement and capability in the services provided to our customers! His boss has always been and always will be the customer.

IPBN member Goran and Kristina Wojnicki wonder if you are looking for a place to stay in the Algarve between 15th of August and to 18th of September. Check this one out. A spacious townhouse property located at the prestigious Gramacho Golfe resort near the seaside town of Carvoeiro.