The Weekly Roundup: July 4 - 8

News from our Membership

This week on the Roundup: key events, job opportunities, global expansion, investment news, awareness, the say-do-gap, acquisitions and additions, translation, members in the press and on TV, healthcare transition, coaching, real estate sales, startup reports, awards, and more! 

First, some job openings. For a full list of job postings, check out the IPBN's job board

IPBN member Core Optimisation's team was busy attending multiple key events in Dublin last week! And they've announced: they're hiring!

IPBN member Konceptness published their latest newsletter— and FYI, the company is hiring! See details here

and now...

IPBN member Carlos Justino from MadeinWeb Globalannounced an investment in international expansion and in the market of medium and large companies: "With more than 20 years of pioneering experience in the technology market, MadeinWeb, a provider of IT services and digital transformation, invests to grow its operations in the United States and Portugal. The company's perspective is to grow 49% in 2022, double this target for 2023 and in five years have a turnover of R$ 200 million."

IPBN partner Faber, who was a keynote speaker at one of our Lisbon Investment webinars in 2021, posted that their latest investment in Luminate Medical from Ireland is in the news! Luminate Medical uses data to improve cancer patients’ quality of life and care along their treatment journey.

IPBN member Blevins Franks Charitable Foundation hosted an awareness day on June 24 at the Blevins Franks Wealth Management office in Loulé.

IPBN member C-More posted some advice: "When asked 'would you be willing to pay more for a sustainable good?' the vast majority of people immediately says: YES! Although the 'say-do gap' still exists the gap is rapidly closing, a recent report from Bain & Company gives the CEO's some critical steps they should take to engage with the new sustainability-driven consumers:

IPBN member Aspire Technology is delighted to announce that the company has been acquired by NEC Corporation as a part of its strategy to strengthen its global 5G!

IPBN member Upwords posted their project of the week: "Translation of a large volume of financial documents is never easy in just 3 days, but when it’s in a language combination we have never done, and actually quite rare (Danish to Portuguese), and when it involves desktop publishing and notarization, it becomes quite the challenge."

IPBN member Monsoon Consulting are delighted to announce that they have had new additions to their ever-growing team in the month of June. "Welcome aboard new Joiners who are based in Brazil, Portugal & India. We look forward to working with you on all our exciting projects!"

IPBN member Bridge In posted that Paulo Marmé, from Forbes, was in conversation with the founders of Design Pickle and BRIDGE IN to learn about the plans of the American company in Portugal.

IPBN member Serenity asked: "Are you moving or just moved to Portugal? We are the support you need for a smooth transition into Portuguese health care. Think of us as your private dedicated, day-to-day available concierge."

IPBN Content Manager Ellis Dixon posted a huge thanks to CNN and NiT for the visit, article, and below broadcast about her recent project Escala25, which aired this weekend- watch the video here! Also, a huge thank you to Margarida Coutinho at TimeOut Lisboa for her amazing coverage of Escala25 in this last issue of the magazine! 

IPBN member Forbes Boyle posted information about a bright and spacious 3-bed apartment located in an established development, nestled in the north east end of the Greenwood Estate in Ard na Greine. Further pictures are available through the link below.

IPBN member Jo James says "We are kicking off Q3, here we go! Let’s set some goals for Q3, July to the end of September. What do you want to see happen in your business by the end of September?"Additionally, Jo James will be running an in-presence sales workshop with the IPBN on Thursday July 21 at The Magnolia Hotel, Quinta do Lago from 10h to 11h30. You can register here.

IPBN member Mario Gago, Pink Room posted that the Coimbra Blockchain community has been growing and we are now heading for the #3 meetup. If you are around, join us this Friday, July 8, and come celebrate the end of the first season.

IPBN member Global Shares is calling all graduates! The company is hiring and has lots of great graduate openings in IT, operations, implementations, finance & more!

IPBN member Overcast HQ shared the benefits to enterprises of using video. The Creator Economy has generated a video-first approach for creators. This offers a wealth of opportunities to enterprises. However, it also creates several challenges. Find out more:

IPBN member Forcera shared that IAPMEI, I.P. (Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação) has played a remarkable role in Forcera growth and network. We are fortunate to collaborate with such a valuable partner in our internationalization journey.

IPBN member Finn Houlihan from the Arlo Group posted that the company was pleased to see MD Finn Houlihan in the press again. A great interview by Joanna England of FinTech Magazine. The article looks at the evolution and future of Fintech.

IPBN partner TechIreland just released their Workforce Development Report, sponsored by Code Institute and Technology Ireland's ICT Skillnet. Workforce development includes all those employment initiatives that create and retain a productive workforce, helping individuals and businesses to prosper.

IPBN partner Hub Criativo do Beato that we visited as part of this year Sustainability conference shared their latest news: they are opening the Praça pop-up! A space to discover, taste and share the best of Portuguese gastronomy.

IPBN member Aspira posted that as part of their Portugal initiative they manage a team of MS Dynamics 365, Navision and Business central consultants working on the largest project currently running in Europe. In the company's latest article they discuss the mechanics and advantages of using MS Dynamics 365.

IPBN member HPA Health Group shared a video of the IV Congress of children of the HPA Saúde Group, this last edition marked the return of the events with the presence of more than 270 participants and a lot of speakers of excellence.

IPBN member Quinta dos Vales posted that this Saturday, July 9, they will be welcoming one more Lagoa Wine Experiences. In the afternoon part of this session at Quinta dos Vales, participants will be able try out the bottle-blending experience in order to create their own #wine.

IPBN member The Sovereign Group posted that over the summer, the inaugural Sovereign Portuguese Art Prize, sponsored by EON Reality, has been touring Portugal with the thirty exceptional shortlisted artworks. To learn more about the Prize, click here.

IPBN board member Diogo Ivo Cruz shared MadeofLisboa's post: Lisbon won the prize for the 4th most popular Startup City and placed 8th in Global Connectivity! For the 7th consecutive year, DEEP Ecosystems Startup Heatmap Report ranks the Top 50 most popular startup hubs in Europe. The study is based on a sample of more than 24,000 pre-selected founders equally distributed over Europe’s regions ranging from Iceland to Istanbul. The full report can be found here. If you would like to have an overview of Lisboa's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem check Apply for Lisboa. The event is bi-monthly, with a session in English and another in Portuguese.