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Guillaume Hernoux, Partnership Consultant | MBA | MIoD


The story of Partner-Eye

Companies are built with great ideas and a genuine willingness for success. However, in order to truly reach their potential, businesses need to build and execute their business plan extremely well. Nevertheless, they often lack the right skills, at the right time with the right budget. 

At Partner-Eye, we want to improve the culture of SMEs to partner better with their talents in order to develop and retain them. We also help our clients build bridges with the right companies to sell their solutions to new markets.

Our promise is that by applying a proven methodology developed by leaders and academics, our clients will be able to develop the business they have always hoped for, keep their best talents and improve significantly their productivity and profitability over time.

Guillaume Hernoux is the Founder and Managing Director of Partner-Eye. He is a goal driven leader with a Master in IT & Sales Engineering from Euridis Business School in Paris (FR) in 2009 and an Executive MBA from Henley Business School in Reading (UK) in 2019. He is passionate about bringing stakeholders closer to their values and towards their personal and professional success.

He has built his career and his professional relationships with customers and partners based on his core values of quality, honesty and care. By founding Partner-Eye, after more than 15 years of experience across Europe building Partnerships in the IT industry, he believes his knowledge should be made accessible to every leader.