The IPBN offer to its members a large range of specific services, which we believe help fulfilling our mission, i.e. expanding trade and business between the two countries, whether you are about to:

  • Enter the Portuguese market or vice versa,
  • Develop your existing business in Portugal and/or in Ireland through a set of marketing and promotion expertise
  • Relocate in Portugal
  • Need new skills and talent in order to expand your business
  • Need advice on tax and accountant expertise
  • Need translation and/or interpretation support

The IPBN through the expertise of its Board of Directors and vast number of members in a variety of industries from Healthcare, Technology & Start-ups, Tourism & Leisure, Food & Agriculture and Professional services (Tax or business or legal Consultancy or Recruitment) can help you in all the following aspects:

  1. Living & Working in Portugal. We can provide you, your business and family advise on:
    • Registration certificate
    • Permanent Residence
    • Portuguese Citizenship
    • The Non-Habitual Tax Residence regime
    • Investment by Residency, The Golden Visa programme
    • Setting up a company or buying a property in Portugal
  2. Take the administrative tasks from you when you move to Portugal or already based here but need some help. We have the right partner for you for that.
  3. Market research
  4. Tax and accountant expertise
  5. Promotion & Marketing support through Public Relations, Digital marketing, Web development, design, Referrals and Sponsorship
  6. Talent Recruitment. Skills, salary, etc…
  7. Language courses, Translation & Interpretation

For all these specific tasks and requests, we have a range of members and Board members we can refer you to. Just send us your request to who will be able to analyse and understand your request in all its details and based on that, direct you to the right partner(s).